Golf is about playing the game, not about how you swing the club, learn with John J. Roethling

Golf is about playing the game, not about how you swing the club, learn with John J. Roethling



Break 100 and Break 90

Handicap 30 + and Handicap 22 + and different Goals.

What I learned in over 30 years of playing and teaching this wonderful game is, that EVERYBODY can break 90! No matter what age, restricted mobility or limited practice time. In the last 15 years alone I helped more than 1000 golf players personally to reach their goal of shooting scores of 90 and lower.

A 64 year old man with a hip replacement, pacemaker and a new knee played his best round ever ( +2 ) in a tournament after a few weeks coaching with me. I didn’t teach him to hit 300 yard drives. I just showed him how to play successful golf.
Confidence is your biggest asset on the golf course. Without it, you are lost.

Practicing not necessarily makes you better, just more consistent in what you are doing.
Including your mistakes.

Break 100 and Break 90

Handicap 30 + and Handicap 22 + and different Goals.
(Depending on your handicap)


  • 5 Days, 5 hours daily training

  • 4 times 2,5 hours Driving Range:

  • Swing Analysis, Short Game, Bunker,
    Putting, afterwards Lunch and then 9 holes at
    Santa Clara GC.

  • 5th Day warm up and 18 holes at Santa Clara GC.
    Success guaranteed!

  • Max 4 Players

  • Incl. Rental Clubs if needed, Range Balls,
    Green Fees, Buggies and Lunch

For 1.790 €





John J. Roethling


After studying sports, biomechanics and kinesiology I started to play golf at age 34. I got hooked to this wonderful sport immediately.

While living in Miami, Florida, I had hundreds of lessons with famous golf teachers and practiced nearly every day for 3 years to get my handicap to +1. Back to Europe I spent two more years working hard on my game before joining the EPD Tour, the Euro Pro Tour and nally I played in some European Seniors Tour events.

The experience of playing tours (especially the Pro Ams) helped me to understand the problems and challenges of the club golfer.

Since 2001 I am a member of PGA de Andalucia, Spain, and coach here in Marbella, Costa del Sol, for all levels of golf players.

But my main dedication is to help mid handicapers and beginners reach their goals in golf.

A passion for Golf


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Gert Hausmann


Hello John, I have to write and thank to you, because your book “saved” my golf game!
I was close to give up after 3 years of stagnation with my results and frustration with the game over all.
I just got tired of scores of 100 and more while I thought I could do so much better.
After reading your book I practiced and played 4 weeks alone and last week I joined our Saturday friendly
game again. !!!!

Finally! I know, there is still room to improve my putting so expect another mail when
I get close to 80! Thank you very much

Wolfhard Ehrlich


Hello John, I have to write to you because I am a happy golfer again.
10 weeks ago I bought your book. Not the first book, video or program I bought in the last 2 years
that promised me to become a better golf player. None of them really worked so I was skeptical with
your book at first. But what you write is different (and logic) so I tried. To be true: it is not easy to
stand on the tee with a short club after my friends teed off with their drivers. But after winning
from the first day on since I lay the way you say in your book, the only comment I hear now is : nice shot!
Every time!
No searching for balls, no lost balls. I am shooting mid 80s every time I go out now and it feels
really good after hacking around for the last few years without making any progress. Thank you very much

Monica and Jeroen Markink


Hello John, my husband and I play golf now for more than a year.
We really love and enjoy it, even the success in the last months was not there, despite some lessons and
a lot of practice. We both were not close to breaking 100!
Then Jeroe found your website and really liked it, that is why he bought your book.
That changed our golf completely! Understanding the relationships of different muscle groups,
the importance of what you are thinking helped me a lot. Jeroe sees now what role physics play and
changed his approach accordingly. I think he did not lose a ball in the last few weeks!
We both are still far from breaking 90 (best 94, Jeroe best 97) but we know it’s the short game where we
have to work on. Thank you and many regards from the happy Markink couple

Stop waiting. Get confident.

Got any questions? Please feel free to contact me.