Improve and reach your goal of “Breaking 90!”


Playing in countless Pro-Ams while I was competing on the EPD Tour, Euro Pro Tour and some European Senior Events for 20 years, I noticed that the  ¨average” Club player with a Handicap of 20 something has no clue how to play a Golf course.

All they do is hitting balls, like on the Driving Range, that is why they never get better, respectively never break 90.

Because I know, that every healthy man can break 90 on a constant basis. I proofed it with more than 1000 students in the last 15 years.

Without changing their swing, without excessive practicing.

Just by helping them understand, how the game should be played.

To get better, you need to change…

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Confidence & Consistency

Confidence is your biggest asset on the golf course. Without it, you are lost.

Consistency is the “Holy Grail” of golf. Every serious golfer is chasing it, most (even professionals) fail.

But what is considered “consistent”?

Is hitting 60% of the fairways consistent? I don’t think so!

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But this is the percentage, the average Tour Player hits the fairway (with Driver, Fairway Wood or long Iron)!

 Nobody hits 80 % or more which could be considered of somehow consistent, when the misses are not in the trees or O.B. So what about “confidence”?

Most golfer say: “I have to be more consistent, then I will have more confidence!”

I say, try it the other way around: when you address the ball and you are confident to hit the fairway, you will surely be very soon as consistent as possible!

While for the Tour Player a missed fairway is only a challenge, which is not affecting his confidence, the same missed tee shot is lowering and finally killing the confidence of a golf player with a higher handicap.

Conclusion: Use a club you are confident with, then you will be consistent soon.


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I know, everybody wants to hit it longer and straighter. This is something Club golfers have in common with PGA Tour Pros. The average driving distance on the PGA Tour is 291,7 yards. The driving accuracy averages at 59,46 %.

For me its always funny, when I read statements of guys who bought this or that program and now they averaging 300 yards and hit 12 fairways and more. Why are they not playing on any tour and make a lot of money!

Please get real!

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That hitting it over 300 yards is not necessary for an exceptional score shows Jim Furyk.
He averages 270 yards of the tee and has a 59 and lately a 58 to his name!

None of the long hitters can claim that, not even Tiger in his best days.

That hitting the ball longer is most likely not the cure for your game when you still shoot around 95 shows a test I do with my new students.

The golfers who come to attend my course “breaking 90” usually have handicaps from 30 to 22.

We play 9 holes on one of the Championship courses here in Marbella. We hit the drives, then they finish my ball, I finish theirs. Mostly I still make Par or a couple over from all kind of bad lies while not one of my students in 15 years played better than 10 over for 9 holes. Despite hitting it always from the fairway, about 260 yards off the tee.

You can try it yourself. Place a ball about 250 yards off the tee and score from there.


We have to accept, that some people are different than others. If speed would be attained just by training enough, I think all sprinters would be as fast as Usein Bolt, because they train as hard as he does (at least most of them).

But they are not as fast and he is special.

Same in golf: To hit a golf ball 250+ yards, you have to have the physical ability. To a certain point it can be practiced, the rest you are born with.

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Example? Luck Donald, Nr. 1 in the world a few years ago. He averages 276,2 yards off the tee, hitting 60,71% of the fairways. If it would be possible for him to gain 30 yards on his drive, believe me he would. He’s got the talent, the time and the money.

So Donald reaching No 1 in the world without hitting monster tee shots and Furyk winning Majors and shooting 59 and 58 in a PGA Tournament.

That should be proof enough that hitting long is nice but not necessary.

But a good short game is.

As much as hitting long depends on your age and physical constitution, CHIPPING and PUTTING requires none of it. Just proper practice.

Stop waiting. Get confident.

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